TESTIMONIALS - We appreciate them - A Message from Phoenix

Sharing Positive TQ Spirit Experiences – Let me be the first testimonial! Hello! My name is Phoenix and I am the General Manager of the TQ Spirit.

On behalf of the Organization, I wanted to share with you some of the positive experiences our students have had in our Tai Chi and Qigong In-Person or Zoom classes. You’ll read inspiring and heart-felt words of appreciation for our Instructor, the TQ Community, the health benefits of practice, and how convenient and instructional our TQ Zoom classes continue to be.

Below are first-hand accounts from students who have expressed how the practice and study of Tai Chi or Qigong has personally affected their life. Sharing is Caring… and our students are a very caring group!

For privacy reasons, many have chosen only to identify themselves by their first and last initials. I can assure you that all these testimonials are from “real” students and can be verified.

Want to share your story? Remember: Sharing is Caring. One never knows when just a few words can change a life. CONTACT US

Lorraine E., North Vancouver

Still going strong at age 88

In 2006, I noticed I had developed occasional problems with my balance.  I knew I had to do something for my well-being, so I enrolled in classes through the North Shore Tai Chi Spirit. Josie was so patient and positive and never made me feel discouraged, regardless of my skill level.

Over the past 17 years I have taken various classes including various Yang style and Mixed Tai Chi forms, Taiji Stick, Yang Style and Chen Style Sword, Taiji Fan and many, many forms of Health and Medical Qigong. I attribute my amazing health to Josie for guiding me through my wellness journey.

Even after knee surgery, I learned how to strengthen and heal my injury, achieve better sleep habits and de-stress through her guidance. It was especially helpful to have the Zoom class option while recovering and also when on holidays, so I never missed a workout.

Thank you Josie!

Laurel W., North Vancouver

Health, Balance, Memory, and New Friends

I would highly recommend taking Tai Chi and Qigong classes with Sifu Josie at our Tai Chi Qigong Spirit Locations. Currently I attend “SASS” classes in Upper Lonsdale. I have participated in her classes for about 10 years and have found them to be very beneficial for my overall health.  My balance, coordination and memory have all improved through studying many different taichi and Qigong forms with Josie.  An added benefit has been the number of new good friends I have made through meeting and practicing with Josie and the other students.  My social life has grown through my tai chi classes.

Jessica MM, North Vancouver

The TQ Community, a Haven for Peace and Fun!

I love being part of the Tai Chi Spirit community; it’s a haven of peace and fun! Joining Josie’s classes was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking for personal growth and a supportive community to sign up. Experience the magic that is Sifu Josie and the Tai Chi Spirit community!”

Renee G., Living in Lolo (Lower Lonsdale)

What a Welcoming Group!

I signed up for Tai Chi on a whim. My spry 95 year-old mother in-law did Tai Chi for years and still practices on her own. She always raved about it so I thought, why not?

I wanted a class close to my home, a class I could do after work. There were 3 spots left at the North Shore Neighbourhood House for Qi Gong / Tai Chi Fusion. Sounded perfect!

Since I was officially signed up I got an email about a TQ Tai Chi demo at the Civic Plaza the following weekend. I thought I would just watch and see what it was all about. Before you know it I was invited to participate! Everyone was so welcoming, so helpful. Josie’s instructions were easy to follow even for a total newbie. The time passed so quickly and before I knew it I was hooked!

The next hurdle was the class. Again everyone who had been practising Qi Gong/Tai Chi fusion for years welcomed and encouraged me. Josie’s instruction was easy to follow and enjoyable, with some good laughs in between.

There were times I thought I was too tired to go, but I went as I had no excuse. Quickly, I was concentrating, energized and forgot all the worries of the day! I love the short forms of Qi Gong, followed by the longer slower moves of Tai Chi.

I had found the right fit! It was harder than I thought, but after a couple of sessions it flowed better and I felt wonderful! My balance has improved; my ‘mature’ joints (50 something) feel better; I want to keep it that way so I experiment with the moves on my own. Each class challenges me in different ways, keeping me engaged and signing up again and again. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. Josie and the welcoming TQ community make it a truly great pursuit.

Anne-Marie in North Vancouver

Inspired to learn while in Singapore

When my husband and I were based in Singapore for several years, I would often see groups of people out in the parks in the cooler early morning hours, practicing these synchronized moves together.  To me it looked almost like a dance routine.  I was curious and intrigued and soon found it that it was Tai Chi/Qigong.

After returning home to Lions Bay, I was thrilled to learn that classes were being offered by Josie Loehrich, a highly qualified instructor from North Vancouver. My husband and I both signed up and nearly ten years later, we are still dedicated students of Josie.

Recently we moved to North Vancouver and now attend her classes in Edgemont Village.

We have found many benefits from doing our twice weekly classes, both in person and online during the Covid times.  We love the warmup breathing and stretching exercises, then a strength and balance workout, followed by whatever Form (sequence of specific movements) Josie is working on with the class. The classes always have structure and a manageable routine to follow.

At the end of the hour class you feel invigorated and refreshed from the physical activities. Obviously we have grown to know many of the good people who attend the classes and many have become friends as well.  We often enjoy a coffee together afterwards.

We can highly endorse and recommend the many health, mental and social benefits of attending Tai Chi/Qigong classes at North Shore Tai Chi and Chinese Health Qigong. Newcomers are always welcomed and manage to participate in the classes as extra help is offered and they catch up in no time at all.

It’s truly a fun, friendly and healthy activity

Kathy D. in Lions Bay

Our Lions Bay Tai Chi Qigong Community, plus Chen Style in the City

I started going to Tai chi in Lions Bay in 2016. I was interested in exploring Tai Chi for my physical health (ankle instability, osteoarthitis),but equally important, I needed to make some connections in the community for my mental health. The Lions Bay Tai Chi Qigong Social Group was very welcoming and continues to be that for any newcomers. Getting together for tea prior to the class happens weekly; it is optional but a very relaxed way to connect with classmates and new friends.

Initially Tai Chi felt so awkward! However, Josie is such an encouraging, supportive teacher that the moves slowly started to become more natural, and I loved the challenge of learning new routines and moves. Because I wanted to do Tai Chi more often than once a week, I started taking classes at the Edgemont location and discovered the North Shore Tai Chi friendship community – a wealth of classes and a fun, supportive community. I am currently taking Chen classes there – an enjoyable challenge!

All in all – improved balance, physical health, and mental health… yay!

D.P., Nanaimo and Vancouver

Happy and Blessed Long-Time Tai Chi Student

I began exploring the world of Tai Chi in the early eighties. When I moved to North Vancouver two years ago, I was fortunate to find North Shore Tai Chi Spirit and Chinese Health Qigong School of Martial Arts.

Sifu Josie Loehrich has proven to be a competent and well-versed student and instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong. As a learned student, she is extremely dedicated to her own Tai Chi journey and enjoys sharing and teaching others the benefits and the wonder of Tai Chi practice. Her approach to teaching is warm and welcoming. Classes are taught in a safe, caring, and supportive, and positive manner. Josie takes Tai Chi very seriously, but the atmosphere in which she teaches is positive, fun and respectful. She has an extensive menu of Tai Chi forms to choose from for young and old alike, and inclusive no matter your abilities, from novice to experienced.

This message is approved by: A happy and blessed student of Tai Chi and Qigong.

SS, Vancouver

Helps me Disrupt and Release Stresses

I have been doing Tai Chi for about 10 years.  Josie is a kind and experienced Instructor who knows everyone’s name and works one on one with students during a class as required.

For me, I have had my share of life’s stresses and Tai Chi helps me deal with that effectively.  Tai Chi requires concentration and stops my mind from wandering away.  Tai Chi helps me disrupt and release stresses, and allows me to be refreshed and more energized after each class.  The “Chi energy” that I usually feel on my palms at the end of each class, translates to a higher level of mental and physical confidence. Performing as a group with some energizing music is the ultimate reward after lots of classes, and results in a sense of collective achievement and happiness.

Inge in Yaletown

Qigong Revived my Spirit

Qigong has changed my life, and I am so grateful to Sifu Josie for bringing it to me.. I have over recent years struggled with various spine issues that affected my ability to sit, drive, and do any number of other things. I tried yoga but holding positions was simply not doing my spine any favours and so my physiotherapist suggested Qigong, a friend of mine recommended Josie, and the rest is history. The slow, gentle and continual movement found in Qigong is not only the perfect practice for a fussy or weary spine, but it is also the most soothing tonic for the battered soul. Having recently lost three immediate family members in as many years had worn me down but Qigong (on Zoom) has revived my spirit and set free my body. I can’t live without it anymore.

Dr. DK, North Vancouver

Transformative for My Health 

I am delighted to share my wonderful experience with North Vancouver Tai Chi and our incredible instructor, Josie. The classes and our growing TQ community are incredibly warm and welcoming, fostering a supportive environment that makes learning Tai Chi and Qigong an absolute joy.

Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong has been truly transformative for my health. I chose to seek out these classes because I wanted additional strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as to explore moving meditation, breathing techniques, and the dance of Qi and Tai Chi. These practices could address specific health issues and improve balance.

The Zoom experience offered great convenience, allowing me to easily see Josie’s instructions and observe the finer elements of each move. When I discovered TQSpirit, I knew it was the perfect place to start my Tai Chi journey. Josie’s expertise, patience, and passion create a supportive and enriching learning environment. I highly recommend North Vancouver Tai Chi and Josie for anyone seeking a fulfilling Tai Chi and Qigong experience.”

Bob G., North Vancouver

Fighting Parkinson’s Disease, Never Giving Up, and Practicing with a Supportive Community

Since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 68, and I am 77 now, I have tried a number of therapies to slow the progress of the disease. Foremost among them is the practice of T’ai Ch’i. I feel that the practice has helped with various motor (balance, flexibility and strength) and non motor symptoms (patterning, mood stabilization). In addition, the presence of the other students has created a supportive and welcoming community. I know that I will be continuing with the practice for along time and encourage others to start, you’ll never regret it!

S.M. Lower Mainland

A Warm Welcome 

After learning I had Parkinson’s Disease, I wanted to combine exercising the mind and the body. I was warmly welcomed into the TQ Community and I continue, three years on, to be inspired by their support and encouragement! Josie’s classes are always a joy and have enabled me to build positive habits that are central to how I approach my condition. I am more confident and healthy than I ever could have hoped for!

S.M. Lower Mainland

Judy F, North Vancouver

Vertigo Issues, an Accident and New Friends!

I joined Josie at TQ Spirit because of a medical problem and stayed for the fun and fitness.  My vestibular specialist told me that tai chi would be the most beneficial thing I could do to bring my vertigo issues under control and it has.  As well, it has improved my overall strength, my balance and my fitness in general.  I am not good at practicing so I just go to classes and if I don’t feel like going, I can do them on zoom with Josie.  I enjoy the flow of tai chi and I often feel as if I am dancing through the form.

Something I didn’t expect was to find a whole new group of friends who really stepped up to help me when I broke my femur and was moving my abode at the same time.  Friends in need certainly are friends indeed.

So come and join us even if you have never done qigong or tai chi before because we review the basics  and get better at them as time goes by. Cheers from Judy

Eva H.

From Sedentary to better Flexibility, Balance and Strength

I joined Josie’s Tai Chi class in 2018 thinking it might be a good way to improve my flexibility and balance while reducing some chronic pain. I also hoped it would help me to step outside my usual somewhat sedentary working life and try something new and different. I have enjoyed it so much ever since. I am more flexible, have better balance and feel much stronger. As well as helping my body, practicing both Tai Chi and Qigong has strengthened my mind and I feel more at peace with whatever the world throws at me.

Josie is a warm welcoming competent and fun instructor and makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed. I enjoy the many new friendships I have made in this community. Whether attending a class in person or joining a Zoom session, I highly recommend TQ Spirit to anyone looking for a new way to expand their horizons while strengthening body and spirit.

Phyllis L, Burnaby

My bad knee (ouch) now thanks me!

My Taichi/Qigong story started with a bad right knee in 2019. Curious about some health benefits – stronger core, more flexible joints and proper breathing techniques; an online search brought me to Sifu Josie at TQSpirit.  A patient and dedicated instructor, Josie makes sure learning is fun and interactive. Her classes are always well planned and thoughtfully prepared.

TQSpirit is a truly diverse and inclusive community. We socialize over coffee, share learning tips; together, we also support local events and programs. Practicing Taichi/Qigong has helped me focus better as I learn how to breathe properly, my joints are more flexible as I learn how to balance my weight correctly. My lower limbs are stronger, and I’m more aware of body and space. All these have enabled me to move more freely and feel more confident. This brings me joy. Yes, my right knee thanks me too.

P.L., Greater Vancouver

Hope and Skepticism – The Power of Qigong for Parkinson’s 

I began Josie’s qigong classes on Zoom with a blend of hope and skepticism. Hope that qigong would help me hold onto the power of movement as my Parkinson’s Disease progresses. Skepticism it could make an impact on this incurable neurological nuisance. It’s impossible to be scientifically sure this ancient practice has helped. But I believe it has made an enormous difference. Each day  I integrate movements taught by Josie into other activities. I would go so far as to say that as a physical being who needs to stretch and strengthen I’ve always been a student of qigong — I just didn’t know it. Josie, who is a gently demanding, compassionate and egoless teacher, has helped me become a more focused student. She has shown me how to give my body — and possibly my spirit — what it needs to live.

Dan Porteous

Instrumental in Recovery from Open Heart Surgery

For over thirty-five years I have enjoyed the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Although I am drawn to the martial art aspect of Tai Chi, I tend to appreciate and enjoy its slow and gentle dance like choreography. The moving meditation and relaxing nature of both practices enhance internal and external health, including controlled breathing and the flow of Chi throughout the body, leading to a keen awareness of the potential internal energy generated. Other benefits include increased flexibility, improved balance, and coordination, along with maintaining good posture. Having relocated to the North Vancouver for a two-year commitment, I was fortunate to find Sifu Josie Loehrich and North Shore Tai Chi Spirit and Chinese Health Qigong.

My continued Tai Chi and Qigong practice was instrumental in the successful and quick recovery from my open-heart surgery due to a hereditary health concern. Upon returning to my home in Nanaimo, I look forward to continued practice of Tai Chi via Zoom classes with Josie and TQSpirit. Looking for exercise to enrich your life? Consider exploring the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Doug B, Vancouver

Tai Chi Training helped me recover quickly – Doctors Amazed

I joined Tai Chi Spirit in 2019 and admit I didn’t know very much about what I was getting into. Since then, I have experienced many physical and mental health benefits and look forward to weekly catch up with other participants who have become friends. Although available online I attend three of the many classes that Josie offers every week. Josie, our Instructor, may be one of the most empathetic trainers I’ve come across and I know, for sure she personally cares about my progress. 

I forgot to mention I had two knee replacements over the last few years and have never felt better! After each operation my doctors were amazing by how quickly I recovered. I believe it was my tai chi and qigong training, along with other recommended exercises, that prepared me for such a successful outcome and a really fast back-to-better-than-normal for both knees!

Louise W, North Vancouver

Our Volunteers are Amazing!

I am proud to be part of the TQSpirit community.  Starting in 2014, feeling insecure but excited to learn tai chi, under Josie’s guidance and being openly welcomed by other students, I quickly felt comfortable, enthused and included.  I soon found opportunities to volunteer and ways to make a difference amongst the group.

Now, years later, I am a part of the Administrative Team that helps oversee many of the classes. Our Community has grown and many others have stepped up, coming forward to help out, volunteering their help wherever they could: whether it is to help us close down the class, putting away chairs, tables and audio-visual equipment, to assist in greeting new people or to chip in to assist at special events.

I have been happy to organize the many volunteers who step forward to fill various important jobs at special events including: registering attendees, greeting guests, selling tickets, contributing food and most importantly setting up and taking down equipment. The enthusiasm of volunteer participation has always been amazing. Students of the TQSpirit Community are a giving, warm, and friendly group of individuals who are welcoming and generous of their time and effort.

Phyllis L, Set Up and Tear Down Volunteer

When TQSpirit went live on Zoom in April 2020, it was a very challenging feat for all of us. With a little “know-how” on Zoom, I helped out by co-hosting zoom classes. It was most fun as I really enjoyed welcoming people and helping them to feel connected.  Since coming back to in-person classes in Fall 2022, I started to volunteer every Wednesday and Saturday; my task is to help with the tearing down of equipment.  To set up for in-person and zoom classes, it takes three people and 45 minutes; and to shut down, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes. But on Wednesdays, we need “8 hands on deck” as we only have 15 minutes!  Truly, it would have been impossible without the kind souls who volunteered at TQSpirit every week. What a team!  COVID times were hard. But thanks to all our volunteers, TQSpirit has proudly survived.

Dr. Jessica , Vancouver

Zoom TQSpirit is What I needed

When I first joined Josie’s Qigong (Zoom) classes, I was seeking a stronger core and a more relaxed mind. What I found was an extraordinary journey guided by a truly incredible Master Instructor, Josie. She has a unique ability to infuse every class with her insightful teachings, warm humour, and an abundance of kindness, effortlessly connecting with students, both in person and online. I was a complete beginner, but Josie’s superb instruction has not only helped me achieve my initial goals but also introduced me to the artful, beneficial breathing techniques.

TK, From Seattle, Washington

My Discovered of TQ Spirit Zoom Classes

I “discovered” Sifu Josie and her Zoom Qigong classes some 3+ years ago (Spring 2020) as the pandemic led to greater use of on-line tools to connect people with common interests. I didn’t have previous experience with Qigong and decided to sign up for a class to see what it was like. After a month or two I noticed a steady improvement in general flexibility, strength and balance from the gentle movements, sounds, and breathing exercises that Josie shared with us. And my specific problem areas – like stiff toe joints (from bunion surgery) and an aching shoulder (rotator cuff/pinched nerve) – have regained almost full mobility (more work to do !). While I am unable to join in-person classes (I live in the USA), the Zoom classes have worked well for me and have allowed me to be part of the TQ Spirit community, even from afar. (I also find the class video recordings helpful for practice between sessions). So try it, you’ll like it !!

C.B., North Van & Lions Bay

Zoom in Australia keeps me connected

I have been participating in Tai Chi for over 5 years.   I began with some trepidation as I found that at first I had difficulty following the moves and worried far too much about keeping up.  Over the years I have become comfortable with the basic moves and  with following along as we learn new variations.  

I like having the commitment to a couple of classes a week where the warming up exercises with which we start each class help to keep me limber.   Recently I have really enjoyed the challenge of two classes – Fan and Stick – that required the manipulation of objects with some contortions!  Quite the brain exercise as well.  

One of the rewards of our Tai Chi classes is the camaraderie in classes. I have made several new friends in the past few years which is a great pleasure. 

During Covid Josie became very skilled with the use of technology and Zoom in particular. This has been a boon in allowing everyone to participate from a distance and for myself in particular when visiting family in Australia.  The time of the class is of course different but it is great to be able to keep up the connection and practice. 


K.F. Vancouver

Qigong via Zoom – So Convenient

I began QiGong and Tai Chi with Josie a number of years ago.  Classes were originally in person, but with the advent of Covid Josie was able to continue her courses via Zoom.  Since then I’ve continued on Zoom because the convenience and ease of joining an online session has made attending classes so much easier – no more long commute, the comfort of being at home and, better still, being able to join in the classes even when away on vacation (as long as you have WiFi!).  As an instructor Josie is fabulous.  I have recently focused on QiGong, and she presents a wide variety of forms during those classes, with explicit instructions and interesting information on the health benefits of QiGong.  Each hour session is over too quickly, but leaves me energized and mentally alert for the rest of the day.

G.E. North Vancouver

Qigong via Zoom – Stress Free

Qigong is a great addition to my exercise program, it is gentle, flowing and stress free!

Pierre C, West Vancouver

For Sifu Josie

Stumbling Upon…
When I first stumbled upon Sifu Josie’s Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes in North Vancouver some five years ago, I knew I was in the presence of someone who has a deep knowledge of her discipline and a deep love for it, a love that motivates her to share it with her students. And she does this sharing with the utmost care: with passion, with compassion, with patience and humour. Over the last five years of taking classes with Josie twice a week, I’ve marvelled at her ability to communicate simply and clearly even the most complicated movements in any given form, breaking things down to their basic elements and giving us beginners an understanding of both the practical and spiritual dimensions of what we’re trying to learn. All of us appreciate Josie’s ability to answer our questions with humility, grace and patience. She motivates us to continue with our practice and to excel to the best of our abilities. An exemplary Sifu!

Linda R.

Being a Newbie and difficult times…
I have been a student of Josie’s for approximately 2 years now, and can truly say that she is absolutely wonderful, and that I wish I had discovered her classes many years earlier! At the time I became a Tai Chi “newbie” I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and was searching for something that would be healing for my mind, my body and my soul, and Josie’s Tai Chi and Qigong classes have definitely hit the mark on all accounts!

Sifu Josie is a very talented, skilled and knowledgeable individual with a wonderful sense of humour and deep compassion for her students and her community. Her kindness and humility are inspirational; she always goes the extra mile to ensure that her students’ needs and desires are fulfilled. She has created a huge following of devoted students, many of whom have developed a close friendship with her and with each other. Apart from the joy of learning a new skill, her students look forward to the positive feelings that arise from getting together and sharing a very special connection with others in the Tai Chi community. Thank you Josie, and your wonderful “behind the scenes” team, for making such a positive difference in so many people’s lives!

Laurel W., North Vancouver

Care, Attention, and Fun in Class

Josie is the most gentle, caring and professional Instructor any student could ask for.  She takes great care to make sure each participant is able to keep up with the flow, whether it be Tai Chi walking, transitioning from one posture to another, or giving step-by-step instruction for learning each posture.  We also have fun in class, enjoying working out the difficult bits and feeling the pride of accomplishment when our group is able to move as one through the form, or parts of it, as we add to our learning each week.

Josie is a  highly trained and very skillful Instructor, who is continually, herself, learning new forms and refinements from her Tai Chi Master.  She brings these additional teachings to us for our benefit.  Classes begin with a thorough warm-up before moving into learning, one at at time, the postures of the current form, for example:  5 Section, 13 Postures, 24 Form, Chen Style.  As we learn each posture she teaches the next posture in the form and shows us how to link them through a transitional movement.  Soon we are beginning to feel the flow and energy of the form.

Join any one of Josie’s Tai Chi and/or Qigong classes!  I am confident you will be glad you did!

Nancy M., North Vancouver

Practice is exciting, ispiring and fun…
Josie makes Tai Chi practice exciting, inspiring and fun! For the first time in my life, (at 70), I look forward to deep breathing, squats and remembering the different postures in which I feel that I’m dancing. Over the last three years, my balance, energy and memory have improved all due to Josie’s classes.

Christine M, North Vancouver

I recall the first day I came to Josie’s Tai Chi classes. Everyone was so friendly. I thought then that Josie was very likely responsible for this “Tai Chi spirit” as it is called, and thus it has been ever since. Josie has a great capacity to teach in an imaginative, patient way and build on the forms we learn until we “get it”!

Glennys P, North Vancouver

Exploring Tai Chi…
Josie and I have explored taichi together for many years. I am so grateful for her dedication to delving deeper into both taichi and qigong. She is constantly learning more about these arts and we, her students, reap the benefits.
Josie is a patient and innovative instructor, and I give her credit for helping me to stay on the taichi path to better physical and mental health.

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