Thursday Yin Yang Taiji + Health Qigong

This format of this class is what we call a Tai Chi Qigong Fusion class. That means that students will learn and practice a Tai Chi form called Yin Yang 13 Postures during the first hour. The last 1/2 hour will be dedicated to learning a relaxing and calming Health Qigong Form.

Important note: This class has been on-going since September 2022 and only students with experience with the form may join in the January to March 2023 session. If you have learned this form in previous years, you are welcome to join in, catch up with help from videos, and join in!

All new classes will open up for Newbies in April.

What is Yin Yang 13 postures?

Yin Yang 13 postures should not to be confused with a shorter form called 13 postures. This Yin Yang form is quite different and is longer.

This form was created by Grandmaster Shou-yu Liang who used his lifetime of training and teaching to choreograph this easy-to-learn form. The form, which is excellent for all levels of students, from beginner to more advanced, includes movements from Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu style taijiquan styles.

All 4 styles of Taijiquan are considered “moving meditation” and all require focus of the mind and body, along with synchronized slow and controlled movements. There are differences between the tai chi styles. In summary, Chen Style is characterized by its sometimes slow, sometimes fast and explosive ‘fajin’ movements, while the body mechanics are based in spiraling silk-reeling movements. Yang style, the world’s most popular style, improves flexibility through its expanding and contracting bigger, more exaggerated movements that are performed slowly and gracefully. Wu Style has smaller and more compact movements compared to Yang style and it includes some “leaning”. Sun Style has higher stances and is known for its somewhat unique, swift footwork that is also gentle and flowing with circular hand movements.

While learning the Yin Yang 13 Postures flowing tai chi choreography, which includes slow and gentle movements along with soft and explosive power, students will get a glimpse into the “13 Postures”, which refers to the Eight Gates (stances, postures, energies, kinetic movements, as well as the 5 Steps (directions, footwork techniques, movements). Some of the applications will also be demonstrated. Silk-reeling will be introduced and practiced.

All students will learn or review: the basics of tai chi movements, stances and end-postures, tai chi walking, and breathing techniques. All students will enjoy a warm-up that will help loosen, stretch and strengthen the entire body. This class will provide you with a full mind-body-spirit workout.

Taking this class will help you to improve your ability to relax in motion and at the same time improve your flexibility, and concentration. Practicing this form is excellent for reducing tension and stress. Regular practice will help you with increased strength and energy, better balance and improved body awareness.

  • Returning students: $218.08 FOR 13 Classes.
  • 1.5 hour class. In-Person Only. Option for Videos: $20.00

Combo 10: Thursday Yin Yang (In-Person Only) + Tuesday Rejuvenating Qigong (On-Zoom Only): $355.50. Plus the option for Videos for Thursday’s class only: Add On: $20.00. Please note that this COMBO option is restricted to students who have experience in the Yin Yang form.

Combo 13:  Thursday Tai Chi Yin Yang (In-Person Only) + Saturday The 108 Traditional Daoist Style Taijiquan (In-Person or Live On-Zoom): $352.50. Please note this is restricted to returning students who already have experience in the 108 and the Yin Yang Tai Chi form. Plus the option for Videos for Thursday’s class: Add On: $20.00, plus the 108 videos: $36.00. Please note that this COMBO option is restricted to students who have experience in the Yin Yang and the 108 form.

  • Thursday - Yin Yang Taiji 26 form + Health Qigong. Includes 1 hour of Tai Chi and ½ hour of Chinese Health Qigong.
  • Status of Class: This class has been on-going since September 2022. This class is restricted to returning students. 
  • Type of Class: In-Person Only. No Zoom.
  • Location: St. Andrews, St. Stephens Presbyterian Church (SASS). Ample free parking available
  • Thursdays, 9:00am-10:30am. Starts January 5 - March 30, 2023. 13 classes.
  • Class level: All Student Levels Welcome .
  • A COMBO price with the Saturday 108 Tai chi form is available. The 108 is restricted to students with experience in Section 1 of the form.   
  • Please refresh your browser each time you want to check pricing for a different option. This will ensure accuracy. 


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More Information About Yin Yang Taiji

This class will emphasize the 13 Postures, also known as the Thirteen Skills, Thirteen Energies, or Entrances, which describes the essence of all taijiquan movements. The thirteen postures are:

  • Ward Off – Peng, Roll Back Lu, Press – Ji, Push – An, Pull Down – Tsai, Split – Lieh, Elbow Strike – Zhou or Chou, Shoulder Strike – Kao
  • Advancing Steps – Jin, Retreating Steps – Tui, Stepping to the Left Side – Ku, Stepping to the Right Side – Pan, Settling in the Centre – Ding


There is a shorter form called 13 postures where all movements can be performed to both the “left side and the right side.” This tai chi form is only 14 postures (or movements) long. The form we are teaching in this class is 26 postures (movements) in length and the choreography is substantially different from the shorter form.

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