Saturday Qigong Awakening the Spirit

During this session, students will learn a wide variety of Chinese Health Qigong forms. Health and Medical Qigong are exercises and breathing methods that can help induce calm, relaxation, release stress, depression, grief, and anxiety. Along with eating properly, sleeping adequately, exercising, and managing stress, we can all boost our immune system by practicing Qigong.

The Saturday Qigong class is different from the Tuesday Qigong class. The forms we do on Saturday will be different each week from that which is performed on Tuesday. Practicing twice a week is a great option, especially if you are seeking rejuvenation in your mind, body or spirit.

Qigong is an ancient exercise that looks like Tai Chi, and is the mother of Tai Chi, but it is easier in some respects.

Qigong is a moving meditation that combines: gentle movement, deep breathing, meditation, and a positive mental focus. Qigong has its concepts rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. This ancient system of healthcare focuses on the flow of qi or energy.

Simply put, if the qi is moving smoothly, we will be healthy. If the qi is deficient, excessive, or stagnant we will feel discomfort or unwell. The goal of Qigong practice is to move stagnant qi and strengthen weak qi. In this class, both In-Person and On-Zoom, we will practice and be stronger together.

  • Fully Registered students: $149.95 for 12 classes, tax included.
  • Pro-Rated Options available. Plus, if fully registered you can also order Saturday Qigong Videos: $36.00
  • Both In-Person and Live-On-Zoom is available
  • Drop-Ins: $15.00. Join us anytime. Please register and pay your Drop-In at least 24 hours in advance of the class. For those dropping in on Zoom please ensure you complete the Zoom registration in order to receive your login information. If you are joining us In-Person please ensure you attend at the location at least 20 minutes in advance for your first class.
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      • COMBO 3: Tuesday Qigong + Saturday Qigong $291.30. You are also eligible to order Videos: $36.00
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        • Saturday Awakening The Spirit, Chinese Health & Medical Qigong
        • Type of Class: HYBRID: In-Person and On-Zoom
        • In-Person Location: Highlands United Church
        • Starts Saturday, January 7-March 25, 2023. 12 classes. 
        • Time: 10:00am-10:55am
        • Class Level: All levels, newbies to more experienced, welcome
        • Combo prices are available
        • Drop-Ins are welcome anytime. On Zoom or In-Person. Must register/pay in advance
        • Saturday classes are different from Tuesday Qigong.
        • Combo prices available for Saturday/Tuesday Qigong.
        • Combo prices are also available for Saturday Qigong + Saturday 108. The 108 requires special codes to register.
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More information about Health Qigong

Practicing Qigong builds and circulates energy (Qi or Chi) through the body. Qigong is an excellent addition to any walking, cardio or stretching regime that is already in place. No need to memorize any of the movements… unless you want to. Just follow along, breathe deeply and enjoy.

As a reminder, the Saturday Health Qigong class practices different forms each week, and the forms practiced on Saturday are almost always different than the Tuesday class. This format allows students to enjoy two different sessions each week.

Here is a ‘short’ list of the many different forms of Qigong you will practice with us: Health Qigong: Baduan Jin–8 pieces of Silk & Brocade; Yi Jin Jing – Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Qigong; Liu Zi Jue – Six Healing Sounds; Wu Qin Xi – 5 Animals Qigong; Qigong on Wei Lei Mountain, 18 Movements, 5 Elements, Swimming Dragon, Balancing the Heart Qigong, Medical Qigong, Qigong to Relieve Anxiety & Stress, Breathing Exercises & Meditation.

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      2) Refunds will not be given after the 3rd class unless it is for medical reasons.
      3) If you must stop class because you have contracted Covid 19 please contact us immediately.
      4) Refunds provided will be calculated in the following manner – Classes already taken will be converted to a Drop-In Rate of $15.00/class, plus an added administration fee of $10.00. The balance will be refunded and sent to you by Interac or by mail.
      5) Please note that if locations close due to Covid restrictions then all classes will continue on Zoom.
      6) Some In-Person locations have special event days where all classes will either be On-Zoom or In-Person at an alternate location. No credit for class missed will be provided.

      Whether On-Zoom or In-Person the registered student understands that the North Shore Tai Chi Spirit & Chinese Health Qigong organization has a strict no-video-of-the-Instructor or the Assistants without express written consent. Additionally, all students agree that any videos sent to them by the Instructor are for “your eyes only” and should never be shared with any other person or posted, in full or in part, on the Internet.

      IN-PERSON COVID POLICIES (as of April 2022)
      North Shore Tai-Chi Spirit & Chinese Health Qigong wants to create a safe place for indoor tai chi and qigong group practice. Many of our classes are both In-Person and On-Zoom at the same time.

      In accordance with the Provincial Health Authority wearing a mask will be a personal choice at this time. However, we will continue to require that all In-Person students practice social distancing.

      If a shut-down to all In-Person classes is mandated by the Provincial Health Authority, then all classes will continue on Zoom. No credit will be given to students unless they do not have adequate access to the Internet.


      Anyone signing up for In-Person classes will always have the option to be on Zoom where that option is available at that location. Some classes do not have the Zoom option.

      Any In-Person registration means that you are guaranteed a spot in the class. When and if the need arises: if you are not feeling well , if you are out-of-town, or if you are running late; On-Zoom is an option for you.

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      In registering for this class our Instructor assumes you have talked to your doctor before starting this health and fitness regime. If you have any medical conditions or physical concerns please participate at your own pace and also let your Instructor know by emailing

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